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Open-access Journals

CSBJ is an online open-access journal publishing research articles and reviews after full peer review (ISSN 2001-0370). With an Impact Factor of 6.0, the popularity of CSBJ has been increasing steadily since its launch and been ranked among the top journals in the field. The journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence, and enables the rapid publication of papers under the following categories: 

• Research Articles • Review Articles • Mini Reviews • Innovation Reports

• Short Communications • Method Articles • Database Articles • Software/Web server Articles  

CSBJ is composed of:


  • CSBJ: General Section

  • CSBJ: The Smart Hospital Section

  • CSBJ: Nanoscience & Advanced Materials Section

  • CSBJ: Quantum Biology & Biophotonics Section

For more info, visit CSBJ Home Page

Brain Organoid & Systems Neuroscience Journal (BOSNJ)

BOSNJ is an online gold open access journal publishing research articles and reviews after full peer review (ISSN: 2949-9216). All articles are published, without barriers to access, immediately upon acceptance. The journal places a strong emphasis on brain organogenesis and related stem cell technologies, structure and function of neural circuits and systems, next generation self-organizing models to study development and disease.

For more info, visit BOSNJ Home Page


Launching in Q4 2023

Computational and Structural Biotechnology Reports (CSB Reports)

CSB Reports is an open-access journal dedicated to the dissemination of scientifically rigorous research at the intersection of computational biology, structural biology, systems biology, biomedical informatics, nanotechnology, and biophysics. CSB Reports aims to provide a platform for researchers, scientists, and professionals to share their findings and insights, fostering advancements in these rapidly evolving fields. 


CSB Reports is committed to upholding the standards of scientific integrity and ethical publishing practices. Manuscripts submitted for consideration should adhere to the following criteria:

  • Scientifically accurate and valuable research

  • Adherence to accepted ethical guidelines and standards

  • Clear and concise presentation of methods, results, and conclusions

  • Inclusivity of research, including negative/null results, replication studies, and incremental advances

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